Genre: Sexy Comedy
Director: Oliver Robins
Cast: A.J. Buckley, Holly Fields, and Jennifer Lyons
Running Time: 88 mins
Delivery Status: Completed
Year of Production: 2003 
Country of Origin: USA
Synopsis: In the spirit of American Pie and Animal House comes the craziest, wildest sex comedy in years.

Reno (A.J. Buckley, Disturbing Behavior, The In Crowd) has had a run of bad luck lately. His car was stolen. Then he got fired. To add insult to injury, he came home to find his roommate sleeping with his girlfriend. After that, Reno vowed never to have roommates again.

Fast forward one year-- Reno's got a new girlfriend, Holly (Holly Fields, Wishmaster 2, Interceptor Force), but a whole new set of problems, too. Having just inherited a gorgeous (but unpaid for) house in Hollywood from his uncle, Reno and Holly are going to need some help to pay the bills. Reluctantly, Reno and Holly begin the search for roommates.

After a disasterous series of interviews, ranging from a schizophrenic girl to an escaped convict, they finally find themselves living with Chad (David Wheir, Urbania), a charismatic womanizer who's got an eye for Holly, and Nicole (Jennifer Lyons, Can't Hardly Wait, National Lampoon's Dorm Daze), a blonde bombshell who can't keep herself from flirting with Reno.

Naturally, Reno is worried that both his new roommates, Chad and Nicole, want to sleep with Holly. Reno must fend off their advances while keeping his own secret desires for the lusty and sensual Nicole in check. As sexual tensions mount, it's anyone's guess who'll come out on top... or the bottom!




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