Genre: Suspense Thriller/Horror
Producer: Mark Reid
Exec. Producers: Gavin Wilding, Mark L. Lester, Robert Baruc
Screenplay: Ellen Cook
Director: Gavin Wilding
Cast: Ron Silver, Liane Balaban (Happy Here And Now),
      and Drew Lachy (98° Band)
Status: Completed / Ready for Delivery

Synopsis: What is it that pulls people into the darkness to be scared to death? "The Wisher" has just opened in thousands of theaters across the country and audiences are having some serious reactions to the film. It's scaring audiences far and beyond any previous horror picture. There's something about this movie that's making people paranoid and crazy. Seventeen-year-old Mary loves horror films. She lives for scaring herself to death, to the point of being in therapy about her nightmares and sleepwalking.

Mary and her girlfriends are anxious to see the movie, to find out what all the excitement and concern is about. Within minutes of watching it, Mary becomes terrified and runs out of the theater after seeing the frightening image of the main character, the "Wisher" himself-- a deformed killer with mutated features. She can't watch the rest of the movie. That night, Mary's father is killed in a "car accident" on the way to the theater to pick her up.

Suddenly, things start to become strange for Mary-- she can't shake images of the Wisher watching her, following her and then he disappears. Reality and her nightmares become blurred. She can't make any sense of the events that begin to surround her. Before long, several kids have been killed. The school burns down. Mary is convinced the Wisher himself is granting her every utterance in a horrible way. She thinks he knows her every thought because every incident is directly connected to one of her "wishes."

In the final desperate moments, Mary realizes the only way to stop the Wisher is to watch the end of the movie... but time is running out, and the Wisher is closing in on her. Her friends are being killed and the Wisher is everywhere. She can't seem to escape him. She has to stop The Wisher.

He will scare you.




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