Genre: Action / Thriller
Producer: Dana Dubovsky, Mark L. Lester
Exec. Producer: Peter Jay Klauser, Joseph DePompeii,
    Art Okun, Martin J. Barab
Screenplay: C. Courtney Joyner
Director: Mark L. Lester
Cast: Judd Nelson, Louis Mandaylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)
Status: Completed / Ready for Delivery

Synopsis: Brian Nathanson (Judd Nelson) and his sidekick Creach are two drug dealers about to make a huge score in a remote stretch of woods. But their suppliers get greedy and a devastating gun battle erupts.

In the nearby woods, five friends on a camping trip hear the gunfire.
One of the guys, police officer Bill "Chick" Cicciolino, (Louis Mandylor
of My Big Fat Greek Wedding) arrives first on the scene and finds bullet-ridden vehicles, dead bodies, and a lot of cocaine and cash. When the barely alive Creach raises his head, Chick shoots him dead.

He realizes he's stumbled onto a major drug deal gone bad and convinces his friends that "their bad luck is our good fortune." He suggests that they split the cash and profits from the sale of the drugs that he can arrange in the city.

Nerdy teacher Jay Gelb at first wants no part of the plan until his sexually aggressive wife Arlene convinces him otherwise. Commodities broker Tug McCann is on board, but his nurse girlfriend Eva will have none of it. She takes off like a bat out of hell leaving Chick and the others who quickly pack up the RV and hit the road with the cash and the stash.

What no one realizes is that Nathanson is still alive witnessed Chick's immoral acts. Eva runs into Nathanson while running from the woods.
He pulls a gun on her and forces her to drive him to a safe house.

Meanwhile, Senor Londono, the supplier in Mexico who lost his drugs, hires the extremely lethal and seductive Solange Paramos to locate and kill Nathanson as well as the campers, and reclaim his cocaine.

Back in the city, Chick uses his police connections to set up the sale of the drugs to street supplier Santos. Solange tracks the tourists back to the city and begins brutally murdering them one by one. She cleverly locates Nathanson who is recovering from his gunshot wound under Eva's care. He manages to convince her to give him several hours in which time he will reunite Solange with the cop and the drugs.

The final confrontation includes Chick fencing his big score with Santos, Solange showing up to kill Chick and retrieve the drugs for Londono, and Nathanson-- who unbeknownst to them all is an undercover DEA agent-- arriving to arrest them all. A violent shootout ensues. They will all discover that greed has its price, and crime is no game for amateurs


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