Genre: Action/Psychological Thriller
Producer: Dana Dubovsky, Mark L. Lester
Exec. Producer: Peter Jay Klauser, Joseph DePompeii,
    Martin J. Barab
Screenplay: Randall Frakes, C. Courtney Joyner
Director: Mark L. Lester
Cast: Coolio, Daniel Baldwin, Alex McArthur, Jenya Lano
Status: Completed / Ready for Delivery

Synopsis: Candace Tyler (Jenya Lano) is the most popular thriller star in movies, with adoring fans everywhere. Despite being one of the most lusted after Hollywood starlets, Candy's never done nudity in any of her films. An erotic, stunningly beautiful young woman with a scorching screen image, Candy's latest movies haven't been doing well and now money has become an issue for her.

Money is always an issue for ex-con Fred (Alex McArthur).

A hustler and con man fresh out of prison, Fred's been making a study
of sex on the internet and has seen others making a fortune with cyber-flesh. Fred wants a piece of that fortune, and he hatches a scheme to
get it.

The perfect crime. A kidnapping. But not for ransom. For profit. The plan
is to steal Candy, take her to a remote cabin and force her to have triple x-rated sex live on the internet. Her fans will pay a fortune to see her,
and that's more than any ransom Fred could ever demand.

Fred recruits two ex-cons to help him pull it off: Brad (Coolio), a burglar with a psychotic streak, just out of the joint and looking for a big score. The computer end will be handled by mild-mannered Walt (Daniel Baldwin), a "super-hacker" who wrote his own ticket out of prison, hacking into the state's computers and issuing himself a parole.

The three snatch the star out of her home and take her to the cabin.
The plan is going exactly as planned... almost.

Fred is counting on his partners to be manageable, but he is wrong. When Brad gets tired of being ordered around, and he wants some of the sexual action with the terrified Candy, tempers flare. Walt just wants to complete the job and get out, but Brad, Fred, and the starlet prove to be
a triangle with explosive corners.

But not as explosive as Candy is on the internet. Frightened for her
life, Candy does as she's ordered and turns on the heat. Her sexual performance practically melts the computer terminals of thousands of fans that pay to see her. This part of Fred's plan works like a charm, with the kidnappers collecting more than $13 million into offshore accounts.

But the "perfect crime" begins to unravel as fear, greed, lust and power make a deadly combination for the new, bloody game the kidnappers
are playing: who lives and who dies.

With a surprising series of deadly twists and a shocking ending,
Stealing Candy  poses the question: In the end, it's all about the
cash, isn't it?


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