Genre: Horror
Cast: Armand Assante (Two for the Money, Judge Dredd, Surveillance)

Synopsis: In the 12th century Saint George vanquished a creature of extraordinary evil. As time passed, fact evolved into legend and the true story of Saint George and the Dragon was buried in time…

Charles, a descendent of Saint George, and Alica, his pregnant wife, are a happy couple that travels to a sleepy Midwest town to attend his estranged father’s funeral. They are graciously invited to stay at the lavish Borgo Hotel, where the eccentric owner Simon (Asante) invites them to enjoy the festival of Saint George.

Their holiday turns to terror when Simon reveals his thirst for blood. As the leader of a Vampire cult he lured Charles and his pregnant wife to his hotel with the intention of capturing their unborn child. As a descendent of Saint George the child possesses untainted blood and will be sacrificed in a ceremony that will resurrect the Dragon -- The world’s original Vampire!

Soul’s Midnight  is a thrilling tale of vampire horror with an original story that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.


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