Genre: Thriller
Director: Tamar Simon Hoffs
Cast: Malcolm McDowell, Angus Macfadyen, Timothy Bottoms, Dee Wallace, Taryn Southern
Synopsis: Based on a true story: Noah Melville (Malcolm McDowell), a popular college professor and confirmed sensualist, provides scholarships for gorgeous college girls through an escort service, whose satisfied clients include chairman of the school board (Tim Bottoms,) the chief of police, and even the Mayor of their idyllic college town.

When a young woman’s dead body is found near the campus, the moralistic new detective in town, Patrick Kelly (Angus Macfadyen,) investigates, leading him to the professor. Exposed, Noah must leave his devoted wife and young daughter and flee the law. Kelly, for his own reasons, takes the law into his own hands to bring Noah to justice. Their deadly showdown has a surprising result.





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