Genre: Action/Thriller
Producers: Dana Dubovsky and Mark L. Lester
Exec. Producer: Jeff Sackman
Screenplay: Larry Cohen
Director: Mark L. Lester
Cast: Kevin Dillon  Nick Mancuso  Lysette Anthony
Status: COMPLETED/ Ready for Delivery

Synopsis: After trying desperately to conceive a child, Caitlin Bourke (Lysette Anthony, Husbands and Wives, Dracula: Dead and Loving It, Miramax's Robinson Crusoe) convinces her reluctant husband Paul (Nick Mancuso, Oliver Stone's mini-series for ABC, Wild Palms, Under Siege, and Rapid Fire) to let her become artificially inseminated... with another man's sperm. At a prestigious fertility clinic, they finally decide on the donated sperm of a renowned music composer.

Meanwhile in another part of the same city, there is a taxi driver by the name of Billy Crapshoot (Kevin Dillon, No Escape, Platoon, Stag). His handsome looks and slick personality mask however a disturbing persona. Billy is a sociopathic killer, a ruthless carjacker who never lets a witness live to tell the tale.

Bill does have one weakness, though. As a teenager, he was violated in prison by a group of guards and has never been able to perform sexually with women as a result. When he finds an application for sperm donation at the home of this latest victim, he decides to assume the man's identity as a donor, figuring it is his only chance to become a father. In a bizarre twist of fate, Billy masquerades as the composer chosen by the Bourkes to father their child.

When Caitlin, to her joy, becomes pregnant, Billy manages to discover her identity. Secretly stalking her, he becomes obsessed with the desire to destroy her husband and to possess both Caitlin and his unborn child.

Although Caitlin is drawn to the engaging Billy when he first appears in her life as a helpful stranger, she soon makes the horrifying discovery that she is carrying the child of a savage killer.

What happens next shatters the fabric of Caitlin's existence and takes her on a terrifying journey into darkness where she has to fight the most important battle of her life.


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