Mercy Trailer
Genre: Drama/Romance
Director: Patrick Hoelck
Cast: Scott Caan, Erika Christensen, with Dylan McDermott and James Caan
Synopsis: Johnny Ryan (Scott Caan), a young, successful, and cynical romance novelist, writes about love the way he sees it: as a fairy tale. He fills his personal life with one night stands, not believing that real love exists. While celebrating his latest bestseller, he meets, and is rejected by, a beautiful woman named Mercy (Wendy Glenn). Upon finding out Mercy is the lone critic who panned his book, saying its author is 'lacking depth,' Johnny tracks her down. Confrontation leads to romance, and Johnny gradually, grudgingly, begins to see a future for the two of them together. Love. Happiness. Marriage. These things begin to materialize when tragedy intercedes… The film is scripted by Scott Caan, and stars Dylan McDermott, James Caan, Erika Christensen, Troy Garity, Kelly Lynch and Balthazar Getty.

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