Genre: Action/Thriller
Producer: Spencer Thornton
Screenplay: Johnny Green & John Marino
Director: John Marino
Cast: Johnny Green, Alison Lohman (White Oleander)
Status: Completed / Ready for Delivery. US distribution by Artisan Entertainment.

Synopsis: Menace is the saga of Brian Lovero, (Johnny Green, My So Called Life, 100 Girls), a twenty-two year-old Italian-American who through the twists and turns of fate, gets caught between the forces of racial unrest and his love for his eighteen year old girlfriend, Amy (Alison Lohman, White Oleander, Pasadena, Dragonfly).

Losing his mother at a young age and living with his alcoholic father (David Proval, The Sopranos, Mean Streets) in Orange County California, Brian learns early on that the world can an ugly place. Street smart and charming --yet emotionally unavailable --he does what he has to do to survive. He keeps his family together from the money he makes selling pot and running petty scams.

Life seems pretty simple until Brian meets Amy and soon finds himself falling in love for the first time. But when Amy discovers that she's pregnant by her ex-boyfriend, their lives take a savage turn for the worse. Her ex, Cole (Jonathan Avildsen, Karate Kid IV), is the ruthless leader of a gang of white supremacists. Furious that Amy dumped him for an "Italian half-breed" and now hearing the news that she aborted his own unborn child, Cole vows that Brian and Amy must pay with their lives.

When Brian learns that Cole is out to kill them, he turns to T-Bone (Merced Bacon) and Stevie Robinson (Paris), two of his street connections, for help. But they have their own score to settle. Their brother, a young black college student, was murdered by a racist cop, Ron Masters (Jan Michael Vincent, Buffalo 66, The Mechanic) who just walked away scott free after the ensuing police investigation.

T-Bone, an aspiring rap artist close to signing a record contract, would gladly throw it all away to get revenge for his brothers death, Stevie, whose knee injury cost him a career in the NBA feels he has much less to lose, but their cousin Marcus (W.C.), a hood from the street, has his own agenda to fill.

The Robinsons know Brian is desperate to get Cole before Cole can get to him and his girlfriend. They make Brian a deal-A deal that could change all of their lives forever.

In the end, Brian finds out that in life what is most important is who you are ...not what you are.


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