Genre: Action/Thriller
Producer: Spencer Thornton
Screenplay: Johnny Green & John Marino
Director: John Marino
Cast: Johnny Green, Alison Lohman (White Oleander)
Status: Completed / Ready for Delivery. US distribution by Anchor Bay

Synopsis: It's ten years after the kidnapping of Martin Bristol. Taken from a backyard swing at his home at the age of six, he is forced to witness the unspeakable crimes of a deranged madman. For years, Martin's whereabouts have remained a mystery...until now. When a bank robbery goes wrong, desperate felons Julian (Brandon Johnson), Marilyn (Heather Magee), and Kurt (Richard Glover), scatter to meet up later at an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. Grabbing hostages Samantha (Samantha Dark) and her young daughter Courtney (Courtney Bertolone) along the way, the group has no idea that the house they've chosen for their seclusion is about to become a hunting ground - with them as the prey...


"Malevolence is a such a well constructed, thickly layered movie and you can tell that it's creators have nothing
but reverence for the genre." --MovieWeb.com

"More frightening and far more engaging than the Grudge!" --The New York Sun

"Malevolence will lead Halloween-inspired viewers into this dark place for some palpitations." --The New York Times

"Builds a grim atmosphere, every moment tingles with dread." --Variety

"If this is what Stevan Mena can pull off with $200k on a first feature, I'm croaking to see what he'll wing with more
dough and added experience in tow!" --JoBlo.com

""Holy Sh**!!", that was my initial reaction to this movie once the credits popped up on my screen. It's been a long time
since a horror movie has grabbed me by the *%&* like this one did. " --TheVoid.com

"Holy Sh**!!, that scared the crap out of me! The most intense and bone chilling directorial debut since Sam Raimi and Evil Dead! Best Horror Film of the New Millenium!" --Kickasshorrorreviews.com

"skip the rubbish like Boogeyman, White Noise and Hide & Seek. Malevolence has got to be seen to be believed, one of the best horror flicks I'll see this year without a doubt." --Slasherpool

"No-budget Malevolence has a lot more going for it than many of the big budget horror coming out of Hollywood" --DVDTalk.com

"...shames other cult classics that can not even touch what this film offers. Top notch, kick ass, take it to the bank and CASH it!"    --Moviesonline.ca

"Scared me almost too much...I was Terrified!" --TheZreview.co.uk

"I can virtually guarantee that you'll be jumping out of your seat." --Dread Central.com (Dvd Review)

"Thoroughly respectable. I am eager to see what Stevan Mena has up his sleeve for the future, bring it on!" --DVDReview.com

"Breathtaking! Malevolence more than delivers." --TheRumourMachine.com

"I guess Slasher films aren't dead after all..." --Allthingszombie.com

"heart-ripping, retro thrills." --Syracuse Times

"guaranteed to excite hard-core horror fans" --Toronto Sun

"A homegrown horror movie that's a lot better than most of it's bigger-budgeted competition." --Am New York

"... once the scares start, they don't stop. Malevolence is relentless in its pursuit to frighten the hell out of you,
and it succeeds." --FilmThreat.com

"A cut above the rest... " --The New York Post

"Relentless Malevolence doesn't waste time in giving horror fans all they want!" --Journal Now-NC

"Low budget Malevolence is HIGH on the Fright Meter!" --The MIchigan Journal

"a straightforward throwback to old-school slasher movies that wears its influences on its bloody sleeve and delivers
a solid ratio of suspense to shocks. " --TV GUIDE

"MALEVOLENCE is the kind of accomplished debut that points to big things in the future for its creator." --FANGORIA

"Just make sure to go the bathroom before the show, and don't be afraid to scream. It's inevitable." --The East Carolinian

"3 out of 4 stars. Malevolence represents a very promising debut for Stevan Mena." --Creature-Corner.com

"Malevolence is an instant horror classic joining the likes of such greats as "The Evil Dead", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"
and "Halloween". Horror films from first time directors don't get any better than this. You'd only be cheating yourself by
not going to see this film. By far the best horror film I've seen this year." -- HorrorReview.com

"the whole time I was thinking "Oh gosh, is this really happening!" --The Epoch Times

"This low-budget movie is a classy horror package." --ReelTalk.com

"Screamingly good first film! Malevolence" gets so much absolutely right that it's mildly stunning." --The Oregonian

"Not since the original Halloween have I felt so uneasy sitting in my seat at a theater! I predict we'll see some of the best
horror films of the decade from Stevan Mena." --Horrortalk.com

"Malevolence delivers on all it's promises of being a damn scary movie. I can not wait until we see more from Stevan Mena."

"if every debut from an indie director were this strong, we'd be seeing new horror movie deals signed every other week!"
   --Dread Central

"Mena's one objective is to get audience members to jump, yell, and grab each other, and he does it. Again and again.
He manages to make you jump out of your chair left and right." --Entertainment Insiders

"a very solid, suspenseful horror film with one of the better storylines the slasher genre has ever seen." --GoreGalore.com

"4 Weapons of Mass Destruction!" --Horror-Report.com


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