"Wraiths of Roanoke"

Cast: Adrian Paul (Highlander: the series), Rhett Giles, Michael Teh,
           Alex McArthur, George Calil
Produced by: Mark L. Lester, Dana Dubovsky
Written by: Rafael Jordan
Directed by: Matt Codd

Synopsis: With their arrival to the New World, the English colonists lead by Governor White settle into Fort Raleigh with hopes of creating a new life on the peaceful island of Roanoke, Virginia. Unfortunately, the horrific discovery of a dangling corpse and a warning written in blood to save your souls before they take them from you, is quickly covered up by the Governor and his men and kept secret from the others.

Several nights later, haunting cries echo through the dark forest and are soon followed by attacks on the colonist's isolated fort by supernatural ghosts with the intent of wiping out every soul on the island. Ananias Dare (Adrian Paul) and his fellow colonist ban together to fight the malevolent spirits and destroy them before they are destroyed themselves. With the help of Manteo, an Indian guide on the main land, Ananias uncovers the mysterious truth of these ancient wraiths and learns of a ritual that could send them back to the netherworld.

Ananias' last and only hope to save his family and surviving colonists fall short when the ritual goes awry and he and the entire colony vanish forever, leaving only the words Croatan carved into a tree.

Based on the true story of the lost colony of Roanoke.

SCI-FI Channel



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