Genre: Thriller
Producer: Jim Lotfi
Screenplay: Russell Gannon
Director: Russel Gannon
Cast: Lou Diamond Phillips (Wolf Lake), Lochlyn Munro (Freddy vs. Jason)
Status: Completed / Ready for Delivery

Synopsis: Every night's a party in Hollywood. But to get into the party,
you have to get past the doorman. When it comes to the hottest nightclubs in LA, the bouncers aren't just bouncers-they're called Knights. Dirk Guernon (Lou Diamond Phillips) is the best of the best--
he's the leader of the Knight Club.

Out on the town one evening, broke and alone, struggling actor Gary Grieco (Lochlyn Munro, Scary Movie) talks his way into one of Dirk's clubs. Through a quirk of fate, he's hired as a bouncer for the night. Almost by accident, he "resolves a situation" in a way that earns the instant respect of the other bouncers and, most importantly, Dirk.
Always in need of smart help, Dirk offers Gary a full-time gig as a Knight, and he accepts. It's a decision that changes Gary's life forever.

Gary starts out working the smaller clubs, learning the ropes, proving himself under the ever-watchful Dirk. A veteran of the Hollywood nightclub scene, Dirk has thrived because he is a master of manipulation, intimidating when he needs to be, and utterly ruthless when his power is challenged. Recognizing Gary's charisma and potential, Dirk becomes a mentor to Gary. Within mere months, Gary is
a doorman at one of Hollywood's hottest nightclubs. Women, drugs, money-he's got it all. People know him by name. Agents, celebrities, power brokers-they all go through Gary. Soon, Gary's long since
forgotten any dreams of acting... he's already a star.

Things start to spiral out of control though, when Gary is offered the doorman job at a rival nightclub, and he decides to leave the Knights. There's bad blood between Dirk and Gary's new boss, and Dirk takes Gary's decision as a personal betrayal. Drunk with his newfound power, Gary can't see through the whirlwind of women and drugs he's caught up in. If he doesn't stop himself soon, he'll become just the latest in a long line of victims of the LA scene. In addition to battling his inner demons, Gary must face off against his enemies in a thrilling climactic shootout
in the city.

Set in the exotic subculture of Hollywood, Knight Club is a tale of temptation and fate, and the struggle for the soul of one human being
in a city that prides itself on the corruption of the innocent.

Knight Club. Where everything has a price... and anything goes.



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