Genre: Teen Comedy
Directors: Michael Nickles
Cast: Keir Gilchrist, Brie Larson, Adam Arkin, Camryn Manheim, Kyle Kaplan, Tiya Sircar, and Marcia Cross
Synopsis: At 104 pounds dripping wet, baby-faced sophomore Michael Peck (age 15) is not exactly the coolest guy at American High. Peck's teachers make him feel like an idiot, his classmates make him feel like a geek and his home life is just as bad, with parents who schedule family time in their planners and require him to sign contracts with them about his extra-curricular activities. If it weren't for his buddy Geiger (who's best trait is just being normal) Peck's life would be pretty dismal. But when Peck connects with Emily, the hottest senior in school, things start looking up. Just as it seems like he might have a shot at climbing a ring in the high school social ladder, Peck's parents force him to join the Science Club, a veritable social disease. And then it comes to him - to create a bold Science Fair project, to get even with his parents, stun his teachers, and maybe even win Emily's heart. But not even Peck is prepared for the havoc that is caused when he unveils his TSAT 3000 machine.




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