Genre: Thriller
Director: Mark David
Producer: Kirk Harris, Mark David, Jack Rubio, Tony Hewett
Cast: Eric Roberts, John Savage and Kirk Harris

Dorian Shanley (Kirk Harris, Hard Luck, My Sweet Killer) is a young, charismatic heart surgeon with a dark side... he has an insatiable appetite for booze, drugs, and one-night stands. Though brilliant in the operating room, he violates the eithics of his profession by stealing pharmaceuticals with which he barters for cocaine from his friend and dealer, Teddy (Eric Roberts).

Further fueling his downward spiral is the ongoing loss of his father, William (John Savage), a former prizefighter, to Alzheimer's. Once he falls in love with his girlfriend's grieving college pal, Anna (Denmark's Camila Overbye Roos), his life only becomes more chaotic. As he travels through a maze of binges into the heart of addiction, Dorian ultimately recognizes that his survival depends on making some radical new life choices before it's too late.

Soundtrack featuring songs from Cypress Hill, Mopreme, Shakur, Coolio, and MC Eiht.





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