Genre: Action / Thriller
Producers: Dana Dubovsky and Mark L. Lester
Exec. Producer: Jeff Sackman
Screenplay: Eric Barker
Director: Mark L. Lester
Cast: Eric Roberts, Damian Chapa, Farah Forke, Esteban Powell
Status: COMPLETED/ Ready for Delivery

Synopsis: The mob's greatest hitman, Tony Lazorka (Eric Roberts, The Specialist, Final Analysis), has double-crossed the Catania crime family and is hiding out in the FBI Witness Protection Program. Now known as John Dugan, his girlfriend Sarah (Farah Forke, Disclosure, series regular on Wings) and her daughter Amber are unaware of his past life.

FBI agent Tom Holly informs John that a teenage computer genius, Brian Segal (Esteban Powell, Dazed and Confused), has hacked into the FBI files and downloaded the witness list, they believe, for the Catania family. With John's identity now revealed, he needs to intercept the delivery of the list for the safety of his family. In a surprise attack on the Catania's, John kidnaps Brian but discovers he has only half the list. Paolo Catania (Damian Chapa, Street Fighter, Blood in Blood Out) flees with the other half as John gives chase, leaving a trail of destruction.

John orders Tom to move his family immediately to a safehouse. Brian tells John that he was hired by a third party to hack into the FBI files, not hired by the Catanias. They lured Brian in by revealing his missing father Seymor, former Catania accountant, is also in the program. John and Brian reluctantly join forces for the sake of their families and learn that the third party is actually the CIA moving cocaine with the Catanias.

Paolo and his men kidnap Sarah and Amber, as well as Brian's father Seymor, and take them to a deserted shipyard. Once Dominic Catania gets the full list from his son Paolo, he has ordered them all to be killed. Chase after chase ensues, bringing John and Brian to the final confrontation with the Catanias and the CIA.

At the shipyard, John knocks off the mob guards one by one while Brian discovers two CIA men planting a bomb in the engine room. In an action-packed, heart-pounding finale, John and Brian race against the clock to save their families, defuse the bomb, and bring the mob to justice.




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