Genre: Horror
Director: Tom Skull
Cast: Glenn Morshower, Rance Howard
Running time: 90 mins
Official Website: www.grizzlypark.com

Synopsis: Eight troubled young adults are sentenced to a week of community service in a remote California forest range called Grizzly Park. Under the supervision of the stalwart Ranger Bob (Glenn Morshower of 24) the group is given the opportunity to seek redemption on their journey through the forest.

While Ranger Bob seeks to provide guidance to the young adults, an escaped serial killer with an insatiable bloodlust has also found his way into the park with every intention of disposing anyone in his path. But he is not the only predator in these woods - a nine foot tall, thousand pound ravenous Grizzly bear has also set his sights on stalking the group and attacking them one by one, leaving the group to face their ultimate challenge… survival.

As the body count rises and the idyllic camp grounds turn red with blood, Grizzly Park will have you rebooking your vacation.




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