Genre: Action / Thriller
Producers: Dana Dubovsky and Mark L. Lester
Exec. Producer: Jeff Sackman
Screenplay: Ed Rugoff and Ralph Rugoff
Director: Mark L. Lester
Cast: Craig Sheffer, Brigitte Bako, Costas Mandylor,
  Maurice Godin and Torri Higginson
Status: COMPLETED/ Ready for Delivery

Synopsis: Connor McEwen (Craig Sheffer, A River Runs Through It) has a problem... He witnessed a brutal, cold-blooded murder, had to fight for his life, and narrowly escaped the clutches of the killer. After testifying at the trial of the suspect, Hector Strossner (Costas Mandylor, Picket Fences, Delta of Venus), Connor feels both avenged and relieved when the killer is sentenced to life imprisonment.

While walking one night, Connor catches a glimpse of something that both shocks and confuses him. He sees an unforgettable face walking free through the streets. Connor's eyes meet the other man's in a cold, long stare. They are eyes that Connor will never forget, they're the eyes of the killer! Connor breaks into hot pursuit only to lose the stranger in the night. He is horrified. Perhaps he helped to put the wrong man in jail.

Receiving no help from the District Attorney nor the Police, Connor takes the matter into his own hands. He is determined to free the innocent man he has helped to convict. Connor recruits Nikki Capelli (Brigitte Bako, Red Shoe Diaries), Hector's girlfriend, to pursue the real killer through the dark and dangerous streets of Chicago. Their quest brings them closer and closer together, the danger fuelling the fiery attraction which is growing between them.

Having endured one peril after another, the two finally seem to have cornered the killer, Ray Soldado (Costas Mandylor). They've finally got their man. The only problem is, Ray is onto them. He slips through their fingers to escape and frames Connor with the murder! The entire mistaken identity was a scam and the evidence required to clear Connor's name will cost him $250,000! Matters are only made worse when Connor finds out that Nikki has been working with Ray, Hector's twin brother, all along.

Now, with time running out, Connor has to catch the real killer and clear his name before the police catch him.


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