Genre: Horror
Director: Johannes Roberts
Cast: Dominique Pinon, Jeff Fahey, and Susan Paterno

Running Time: 90 mins
Delivery Status: Completed
Year of Production: 2004   Country of Origin: UK

Synopsis: They say the only thing you can depend upon in life is death. Charlie Jackson (Dominique Pinon, Delicatessen, Alien Resurrection) is about to find out that isn't exactly true... dying is a tricky process and mistakes get made.

How many ghost stories have you heard over the years? And what is a ghost but a mistake of death, an unclaimed soul? Charlie is dead, but his soul has been left behind -- trapped between realms. The terrifying reality Charlie must now face is that he's being hunted by demonic ghouls -- bounty hunters who wish to steal his soul and send him straight to Hell. A soul, as it turns out, is a valuable commodity, and there are those who do not serve God, but a darker master who would eagerly exploit this.

Charles wakes up one morning to find his wife can't see him. In fact, no one can. Stranger still, everywhere he goes he is followed by cats. Confused and scared, he meets Carol, a psychologist (Susan Paterno), while wandering along a lonely highway. She has a dark secret and seems to be the only person who can help him escape these Darkhunters and save his soul.

It's here that their journey begins, avoiding a mysterious, inhuman private investigator (Jeff Fahey, The Lawnmower Man, Body Parts), all the while searching for a means to save Charlie. Unfortunately for Charlie, his notion of salvation is much different from Carol's, because she knows saving him will bring them both to the edge of reality and force her to face her own terrifying destiny.

You thought you were scared of death before? Darkhunters creates a world of demons and angels that will take you beyond your wildest imagination.




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