Genre: Action/Drama
Producers: Peter Jay Klauser, Joe Nittolo
Exec. Producer: David Justin Urbas, Martin J. Barab, Joseph Depompeii
Screenplay: Paul Horsin
Director: Gigi Gaston
Cast: Jennifer Esposito, Allyson Hannigan, Nastassja Kinski,
           Todd Field, Steve Harris
Status: COMPLETED/ Ready for Delivery

Synopsis: A twisted, unusual tale of Yuri and Serge, two Russian gangsters conspiring to rob an indian casino the day after a big prize fight. Their plans are bungled when two corrupt cops-- cohorts in their daring heist-- are killed in a shoot-out.

Fortunately, Yuri's girlfriend Lexi (Nastassja Kinski) is friends with Helena (Jennifer Esposito), who's living with her ex-husband Toretti, a very shady cop. Lexi and Helena arrange for Yuri to meet Toretti. They hit it off and agree to rob the casino together along with Toretti's gambling-addicted, slightly deranged partner, Dykes.

When Yuri and Serge kick them out of the house, the girls devise a plan of their own. They set it in motion, and turn the Russian gangsters against each other. The night before the heist, Yuri and Serge have an argument, wind up killing one another, and the girls step right in as planned. Dykes and Toretti go to the casino to rob it, but instead wake up hung over in a cheap motel to discover the casino has already been robbed by Lexi, Helena and their girlfriend.




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