Genre: Action
Producers: Dana Dubovsky and Mark L. Lester
Exec. Producer: Jeff Sackman
Screenplay: Jeff Albert and Hesh Rephun
Director: Mark L. Lester
Cast: Mark Dacascos, Tim Abell and  Paula Trickey
Status: COMPLETED/ Ready for Delivery

Synopsis: Army Intelligence Officer John Murphy (Mark Dacascos, star of the series The Crow, Drive) leads a squad of heavily armed soldiers on a mission to retrieve Santos, a powerful drug lord, being held in a Mexican jail, and deliver him to the American authorities. The mission turns terribly fatal as Murphy is ambushed and his men are slaughtered. Murphy miraculously escapes, but not before he witnesses Rosato, Santos' right-hand man, treacherously execute Santos in cold blood.

At the Pentagon, major Murphy seeks answers... why was his team wiped out? General Oxenberg explains that a group of US Border Patrol officers benefited by Santos' execution. Murphy's new mission at Camp Tillman Army Base is to infiltrate the corrupt squad of officers with Lieutenant Kelly Andrews (Paula Trickery, series regular Pacific Blue) as his secret contact on the assignment.

Camp Tillman, Southern California: Murphy reports for duty to General Becker and is assigned to Sgt. Gammon's unit (Tim Abell, Soldier of Fortune). Murphy is immediately tested in a hand-to-hand combat exercise with Gammon's top fighter, Knox. Once Murphy dominates Knox with multiple martial arts maneuvers, he is attacked by Gammon's two other officers, Henderson and Castellano, crushing them immediately. Gammon likes what he sees.

That night, Murphy accompanies the unit on what seems to be a routine patrol of the border. Murphy's presence screws up the routine of drug and arms delivery when he discovers drug money on the truck and suggests to Gammon that they split it. Gammon knows he can trust Murphy. Over the course of time, Gammon's power dominates the delivery and distribution of drugs and arms in Los Angeles. He seems unstoppable.

Murphy makes contact with Lt. Kelly Andrews, revealing his tape recordings of Gammon's corrupt activity. Gammon watches from his car... Murphy's cover is blown. Kelly is abducted by Gammon when Murphy departs.

Murphy heads for the base, surprising Gammon and Henderson outside the General's building. They exchange rapid fire and Murphy flees, searching for Kelly. Gammon commandeers a tank and initiates a high-speed chase, firing several times, finally destroying Murphy's jeep and all that surrounds it. Narrowly escaping death, Murphy follows Gammon into the boiler room, determined to put an end to Gammon's reign... his way.




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