THE 24th DAY

Genre: Thriller
Director: Tony Piccirillo
Produced by Nick Stagliano
Cast: Scott Speedman (Underworld, Felicity), James Marsden (X-Men films, Superman Returns)

Synopsis: Every man has his own truth. Tom's (Scott Speedman, Underworld, Dark Blue) truth is that his life ws ruined by an encounter with another man. Dan (James Marsden, X-Men I & II, Disturbing Behavior), over five years ago. Dan's truth is that every man needs to take responsibility for his own actions. In one of the most electrifying psychological thrillers, both of them will learn that the only truth that matters is the true truth.

Dan is enjoying a night out with his roommate (Sofia Vergara, Robots, Big Trouble) at the local bar when he meets Tom and the two find themselves drunk and back at Tom's apartment. Things turn tense, however, when Dan realizes he's been there before... five years ago. Tom recounts that fateful night, and is hurt that Dan doesn't remember. Immediately uncomfortable, Dan decides to leave, but Tom has other plans. This wasn't a random meeting... Tom's been planning this night since his wife died three weeks before in a car accident, shortly after finding out that she had HIV... a disease which Tom unknowingly gave her. And now Tom, a straight man who only strayed once, is holding captive the only man who could have given it to him.

With Dan tied up, Tom draws blood from his arm for testing. Dan insists that he's always been safe, and that he is not HIV-positive. While waiting for test results, Dan attempts a violent escape, but fails. Tom reassures him that if the test comes back positive, he will kill him.

It's been 24 days since Tom found out he has the deadly disease. 24 days since he decided Dan would have to pay for that with his life. As the hours count down towards the test results, Dan realizes his time may be running out. Will he survive the 24th day? Will they survive each other, or their pasts?

In this riveting thriller driven by superstar performances, you'll be holding your breath waiting to find out.


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